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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mas Fotos

Amazing sunset last night again. I took a trip back to the sunflower field and earlier in the day...Gardner Lake. Chased on Thursday and played in the core where I had quarter sized hail and decent sized limbs being torn off of trees just south of Blue Springs. Spotter network always wants to ask me for a password when I submit a I never could. On the way back, I witnessed two does fighting/playing...

Deer Boxing

Darin called me and told me he was watching a great lightning show, so I went out for about 30 minutes...only decent shot I could get out of the 20 I took.

Gardner Kansas Lightning

Gardner lake yesterday ( Pretty bored and ducks were the only thing around...lame I know)

Near Tonganoxie, KS last night...(lots of people/photographers out!)

Then at the crack of dawn this morning at Lake Olathe...was hoping to see some amazing steam/fog vortices Mike saw the morning before. Didn't seem like there was enough fog and it was racing from shore to the center of the lake. Mike is a lucky bastard now...fogbows and steam's all a pipe dream to me!

I have more photos uploaded on my flickr account, but I'll save them and some others I have yet to process for the next entry.

I have homework I'll be doing during Labor Day weekend and college football to keep me occupied. Hurricane Gustav threatens to copycat Katrina just 3 years later...but I'm not a big fan of hurricanes or following/chasing them. I'm into the eye candy (tornadoes, supercells) rather than playing survival of the fittest in a parka for days on end.

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Anonymous said...

Nice shots. The sky color must be from that volcano? Seems like everyone is reporting that around these parts, including a KS mention on . I haven't really even paid attention, and now I am wondering.

You'll get steam devils soon enough. Just need more steam is all. Should be another decent shot mid-week, but damn, the center of the high(cold lows) doesn't seem to want to make it further south than western IA yet this year. GFS forecasting low 40s around here Thursday morning, and it's done well with these others in advance. Not sure what the temp threshold is for good steaming down there yet, but it would be warmer than here, since it's been a lot warmer down there. If you get bored enough, I'd forecast a 90% chance of steam devil madness a couple hours north of you Thursday a.m. Course cloud cover from the cane might screw things up. Probably not though.

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