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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today's Target

Alma KS to Manhattan KS. This is where the best 0-3 km CAPE, VGP, low LFC's, 500 mb winds and 850 winds will be juxtaposed tomorrow by 0z, along the E/W boundary. Today doesn't look great, but I'm sure there will be a couple of tornadoes somewhere along I-70 where that boundary will set up all the way out into Western Kansas. This day reminds me of 8/12/05? maybe?....a day I chased in NE KS with a boundary like this one setup and stalled out, allowing some nice tornadoes that were filmed near Great Bend, KS and shelf cloud crap further east...I'm betting further west will be the place to be today.

My old laptop broke yesterday and this one's monitor's gamma is off on the monitor here, so editing pictures won't be happening until I order a new one...I've tried to calibrate it, it's a POS. This picture below is fog behind some crappy storms I chased back on July 16th. I switched the white balance to shade to add some warming to it.

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