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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kasatochi Sunset/Sunrise Pictures

You know what really pisses me off with photography discussion online is these people who claim to know all of this shit about photography and then you look at their photos and are like, "hmmmm...sure buddy" Or the person who ask rhetorical questions of another's white balance! Looking at his avatar, maybe he thinks fluorescent is the way to go for shelf clouds. You can talk all you want as if you know what you're talking about...or what equipment you own (I love these people who are like I own "L" this, and "L" that), but the proof is in the picture.

Anywho, here are some more sunset/sunrise pictures from last week/weekend created by volcanic ash from the volcano Kasatochi in Alaska. It's clearing off here now, so I'm out the door to see if it's still gonna happen.

Kasatochi Sunset

Kasatochi Sunset

Kasatochi Sunrise

Anti-Crepuscular Rays Sunset

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