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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunflower Pictures, Sunrise Pictures Part II, Parker/Castle Rock Colorado Tornado

My sister, Brianne, lives in Parker Colorado with her daughter and husband and didn't have any desire to look out the window at a beautiful landspout/tornado less than a few miles from her home. This is the best video I can find so far of it:

My sister is no stranger to tornadoes, while Darin and I were chasing on 11/27/2005 near Marion, Kansas, she was headed back to Lawrence from Thanksgiving in Garden City and called me to tell me a tornado was coming down right on top of her! She also saw a rope tornado when I picked her up and gave her no choice but to ride with me in 1995...and several landspouts outside of GCK in 1991 a couple of years after we first moved there!

Here are some more photos from earlier this morning near Tonganoxie Kansas and Lawrence Kansas. The rest are from a beautiful sunrise near Lake Olathe and some sort of bagworm that make thousands of spiderweb-looking nests in trees everywhere. They were moving around quite a bit which made it hard to get a good photograph of them motionless...

Olathe Lake Sunrise

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MikeH said...

The bagworm things make for a spooky, moody photo. Very nice!

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