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Saturday, August 02, 2008

More July 29th Supercell Photos

My photos of the wall cloud prior to this structure were taken while driving while trying to shoot out of my passenger window and turned out like crap and are pretty embarrassing, so I won't post them. There were a lot of trees and hills, and I lost view of it for approximately 15 minutes north of Hartford thanks to a train...and then a one lane construction stop, so it's possible there could have been a tornado in that time. When I reached it southwest of Hartford, it was less-organized, but still had great structure.

Below are photos of the supercell later on and taken while driving, so they are not the best. I had no more east options to stay with it due to John Martin Reservoir to my east, so I had to go south, then east into Burlington, KS and then back to the north. This is where it was beginning to decay, but had a shelfy, "stacked plates" structure. I made it back to Lawrence around 8 p.m. just in time for my dinner date with Devin. These were shot near New Strawn, KS.

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