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Friday, August 15, 2008

Latest Pictures, Video

I've been kind of lazy on posting anything lately, mostly because I don't have much to say. I start school at MCKCC (one, GIS database class) next week, and then FHSU online classes I'm taking for a bachelor's degree, the 25th. I am hoping to intern with a wind energy company this fall with Darin and where several other friends/chasers work for.

My new Sony Vaio laptop is nice...1600 x 900 view (1080p) with Radeon graphics, 2.24 Dual core, 3 GB RAM and 250 GB HD...I've had no trouble running CS3 PS and Pinnacle Studio Plus at the same time and pretty much love it. So, as soon as I can figure out why Pinnacle won't recognize .mpeg files (it should with Studio Plus) for 1080i HD video I've captured using another program, I'm going to start working on our double-disc DVD I mentioned a few weeks ago. I'm hoping to get it done by October in time to sell, via TornadoVideos.Net's store, for the premiere of "Storm Chasers" on the Discovery Channel which Reed and Joel's site should see an increase in traffic to (like they need it really lol).

Anita asked me about Project Greensburg via her last comment on my previous entry, and hope to find out more information soon on that as I've been out of the loop on sales of the Storms of 2007 DVD.

Some recent pictures and a video I made for Devin...

1 comment:

Dewdrop said...

Wow, Dick, that video for Devin is beautiful. Did she cry? So sweet... your love for her is obvious. So sweet.

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