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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rolling the Dice

I should be doing homework/DVD stuff tomorrow. But I can not resist tomorrow's potential surprise. Depending on the WRF that is just now coming out, I would anticipate departure at 7 am. Heading for my hometown of Garden City KS. This is all preliminary! Problems: Cloud cover/instability. I don't care, nothing is ever set in stone. I'll update this thing on the road if we decide to go. I'm 75 percent sure we will.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quick Little Video

Of the cold-core chase on 9/21/06.

No touchdowns, but it was still a little fun chase.

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Newest Purchase

Just purchased this (Canon GL2) last Sunday, for a GREAT price. Thanks to my buddy Andrew for the hook up.

Just got done watching Scott Currens' 11/27/05 footage. My jaw is still on the floor. He is within FEET of one of the tornadoes. I have watched it about 8 times now, and getting ready to head to Darin's to work on our part of the Storms Of 2006 DVD . The DVD is worth it on Scott's footage alone. (Also his amazing footage from 9/16/06 in South Dakota!)

Between work and school, my girlfriend, and working on two DVD's, I am busy seven days a week. Looks like there is a small chance at some chasing this week on Monday, Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday. Several things could go wrong (and models having very tough time handling the wave) with the system on Monday and Tuesday, but it is still a ways out. If it pans, we'll be there.

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