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Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Blog Design, Sunflower Pictures

I decided that I needed a new blog template to make the images bigger, so I downloaded one designed for photographers. Since I made the layout wider, the sidebars are gone, so chaser links are below blog posts, and photography above. Archived entries are at the bottom as well. I lost all of my links when I uploaded the new template, so I'll be continually adding to it too.

This morning I was up at sunrise...probably one of the most beautiful I've ever witnessed and I headed to just SW of Tonganoxie, KS where a field full of sunflowers is and a farmer lets you photograph or pick them. I was out there for a bit and started to walk back towards my car and noticed a guy sitting by the road and I waived. It ended up being a photographer and we ended up chatting for a good 30 minutes while shooting the sunflowers. He had Nikon equipment, including a D3 and D300 with a 500 mm prime (thing was HUGE) and a Canon GL2 for video. The sunflowers had just started to open up and he explained to me it woule be another few days to a week before they really bloom. I told him not to take my picture because I didn't want it printed anywhere and he did anyways! I stressed to him to not print it, and he said he wouldn't...but I snapped a couple of him when he wasn't looking. I'm probably going to head out there again next weekend to get some pictures of them in bloom. This is a quick blog post, I'll probably add another one later today, or just edit this one.

A few more pics, I have a bunch of others I need to process:

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Dann Cianca said...

I like the new template a lot, Dick.


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