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Sunday, August 10, 2008


I've always loved the Deftones since my high school days and recently have been intrigued by the lead singer's, Chino, poetry. It's somewhat dark, very metaphorical, very profound in symbolism and, IMO, made for a person to draw their own conclusions on each song he's written.

A favorite of mine from Change (In the House of Flies) :
I watched you change
Into a fly
I looked away
You were on fire
I watched a change in you
It's like you never had wings
And you feel so alive
I've watched you change


I look at the cross
And I look away
Give you the gun
Blow me away
I watched a change in you
It's like you never had words
Now you feel so alive
I've watched you change
And you feel alive

I put up a few of his songs on the right. A little different from my usual blog posts, but something that I find very interesting and unique...unlike most musician's whiny shit about an ex girlfriend or something.


Dann Cianca said...

PS: The Deftones rule.


Anita said...

I'd never seen any of his poetry...

When I was in HS in the 80s (I'm ancient, I know!) i was obsessed with Jim Morrison and his poetry... People I went to school with just thought I was weird...

PS - Daniel (GreenTown) was asking me the other day if I'd heard anything new about "Project Greensburg" ...

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