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Monday, May 22, 2006

Game On

Preparing for a chase in Nebraska tomorrow. Gotta get an oil change, wiper blades and misc stuff today. Going to be chasing with Darin Brunin, Doug Mitchell, Andrew Ashley, Owen Shieh and Jesal Patel. I believe Owen has a week to chase before he interns at the NSSL....might be a good week. :D

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Been awhile

Too lazy to post on this thing lol. Haven't had much luck chasing lately. Didn't even shoot one photograph. Doug and his friend Andrew are up in Lawrence at Darin's awaiting Mother Nature's next shot at severe weather. Poor Andy made his flight from England on Thursday. Hopefully we can all witness some convection before his departure on the 27th.

On a side note, getting bored with these blogs, forums, discussion things lately, same shit different day. If I feel the need to post something, I guess I will. Could care less to argue about or contribute anything at this point, no matter the topic.

Good luck to everyone chasing the rest of May/June!!! I will continue to update this blog occasionally. (If I ever see another supercell!!!))

P.S. I want to wish my mother a happy mother's day!!! (She'll never read this lol) And my sister and girlfriend on graduating from the University of Kansas. I'm so proud of you both! Devin, you beat the odds. I wish you both success after graduation, and am blessed to have you both in my lives. You both have contributed to shaping me into the person I am today. (Still working on it Devin!)

Even if the mist will never let the shine through (in the next month), I want to let you both know that I love you. :)


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