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Saturday, May 31, 2008

TornadoVideos.Net's Tornado Probe Video

Reed Timmer's and Joel Taylor's incredible probe video they shot on Thursday night north of Beloit, KS.

That storm chaser getting hit by a tornado thread, has turned into a superior group of chaser's "safety thread." The same BS they say every year, only more rehearsed and blatantly obvious. Just say you f'd up and got hit, shit happens...don't try making excuses up. This is a damn hobby people, I can't get why some people are so obsessed with the image of a storm chaser or themselves. People stereotype every damn thing on the planet, there's no reason it will ever change.

Darin and I are shooting photos for a wedding here shortly, I hope I don't screw this up.

1 comment:

wxman said...

Love that tornado video..First half seems to end already for comes the second half..Keep us updated on the coming chases..For sure you guys will have another action packed chases on the way..:)

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