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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother's Day, KU Graduation, Chasing this Weekend

I haven't had time to post about Mother's Day, in which, I cooked my mother some authentic Mexican food (as it's the only thing I will cook) and took some pictures of a hummingbird and finches in her yard. What a beautiful day it was for Mother's Day after that front blasted through the day before.

And this past weekend, my girlfriend, Devin and I helped set up a party for her sister Rachel's KU graduation. On the way over there I was in a hurry and got a nice, hefty speeding ticket of $246, near my house on the backroads trying to make up time before it! I dropped Devin's mom and youngest sister off, while Kasey (oh yes, another sister of Devin's!) and I parked my car clear on 8th and Mississippi, and walked clear up to the top of the hill. I'm still pretty pissed off and could have choked some people who just had to move in front of me as she was walking by, but I snapped at least one good picture of Rachel! Rachel will be interning for 1 year before becoming a teacher! She definitely will not disappoint those who will be lucky enough to be in her classroom.

Looks like Doug, Derek, Jordan and I will be heading out to chase Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will meet up with Darin and Alexis sometime on Friday when they get back from Boston.

I also talked with Brandon Ivey because I noticed in his April 23, 2007 video that he shot those tornadoes in the exact same spot as we did for the Greensburg wall cloud.

I'll probably make more updates in the next few days, as the target area becomes more clear. We should be streaming live video again on TornadoVideos.Net and our website TornadoLive.Com all weekend long.

1 comment:

Anita said...

What a good son! My family all "forgot" Mother's Day again this year... :(
The bird shots are wonderful, especially the finches!

There is a look of extreme relief on your girlfriend's sister's face... lol Great shot...

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