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Friday, May 02, 2008

Pics from yesterday

Too lazy to post a chase report, but these are near Fredonia and Lafontaine, KS. Storms were elongated, linear-looking after first initiation...we blew off the NE OK storms and hung out and talked to about 10 different locals who stopped to chat. Big circus in Neodesha, KS with the TIV and DOW's with the whole town seeing the show. Ran into Randy Hicks there at the gas station as well...and Chris Rice, Steve Polley, Tyler Constantini, Jay Cazel and others. Ben Prusia also stopped to chat near Lafontaine as I laid in a corn field snapping photos lol. It was amusing to watch people haul ass after a shitty supercell we ditched, and then 5 minutes later turn back around and head the opposite way. Maybe one day I'll see a tornado again, it's coming up close to a year...good thing I'm not big on those, or I'd be depressed!

More tomorrow.....(the ones I didn't blow out or have 800 ISO on!)


kurt hulst said...

Hey Dick I feel your pain about not seeing a tornado its been over a year for me. My chances for chasing have slimmed these last two years with life getting busy. Nice Shots any way. What are you using is it a canon or a Nikon.

Steve Miller TX said...

Stunning pictures to say the least though. Anything is better than clear, blue skies. :-)

Anita said...

Absolutely beautiful...
I used to love seeing tornadoes... of course, having my house obliterated by the Greensburg tornado sort of gave me enough tornado exposure for a while... lol

Lanny said...

Nice pics bro...btw got my "new" blog up and going you can now update your links if you want.

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