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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Discovery Channel's "Ecotown" for Greensburg

Noticed I've been getting tons of hits lately and I currently own the first google search for "Greensburg Ecotown." As many directions as they have been pulling me lately (Pilgrim Films), you'd think they'd be pampering us if they knew the amount of hits I've been getting. All production companies are the same, need the video 2 hours ago, are super nice to you, then when you need something...stand in line, buddy.

The show will undoubtedly do wonders for the town, and if you have 5 bucks in your pocket, you should donate to Greensburg Greentown, a local charity that is directed by one of the nicest people I have ever talked to, Daniel Wallach.

5 bucks, and you're helping a strong-willed community lead the way in change...a good change, to live more efficiently and to not to any more damage to this planet. If you don't have 5 bucks, go donate some plasma. Seriously if you don't have 5 bucks, you probably aren't on a computer reading this...don't supersize your big mac meals for a week and you can help out in a major way.

Those people need lots of financial help and this local, charity will help guide the residents in a way our future communities will be built and will be forever grateful. I'm sick of paying for high gas prices, utilities are high and ridiculous. These guys have the knowledge to cut those prices down as well as keeping our planet clean.
Not much anyone can argue with that, unless you are up the ladder in the oil business.

I can't imagine what it is still like for those residents, town is gone, house is gone, sentimental things are gone...but at least they still have memories and each other. They nearly took a direct hit the other night from yet another violent tornado...unbelievable...I am not sure if I could wake up every day and be positive about everything I've ever known was gone. 5's nice to sleep in my own bed under my own roof. Annoying yet? lol.

Your good deed for the day costs 5 bucks.

Off to chase!

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