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Monday, July 07, 2008

Storm Chasing Highlight DVD

I've decided to make a double-disc Storm Chasing Highlight DVD of our 2007-2008 chasing season. One DVD will be strictly May 4th, 2007 the Greensburg day with a bonus of the 4th of July 2007 in Greensburg, KS...

The rest will be our highlights of 2007/2008 chase season. Just a few days off the top of my head, 3/28/2007, 5/5/2007, 5/22/2007, 5/1/2008, 5/10/2008, 5/22/2008, 5/23/2008, 5/29/2008, 6/4/2008, 6/11/2008. Darin's got some insane footage of 5/29/2008 that no one has seen from inside the town of Glen Elder where he nearly gets hit by multiple vortices struggling to get back into the of course Quinter #1 fat cone on 5/23/08 coming right at us...6/11/2008 the Manhattan Kansas Tornado and incredible structure earlier in the day... and 6/4/2008 where we were one of the only ones to see multiple tornadoes, including a dusk wedge with prior cone tornadoes. I'm making the trailer now, and hopefully this will be out by October. My first production of a DVD as Darin did the 1st...


Michael said...

Can't wait to see the video. I need to call Darin to talk about Glen Elder. The Greensburg TV show is great too.

(And by the way, Pancho & Lefty is one of my all time favorites. Check out the original Emylou Harris version sometime - really nice!)

Anita said...

(Michael is right - Emmylou's version is fabulous, but then I'm one of her biggest fans!)

Your video plans sound great!

Anonymous said...

Read your blog about 6 months, great challenge. I want to see this video, will you share it?

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