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Monday, July 14, 2008

Moon Halo, Corona, Night Fog, Rebel Xsi noise

I went out on Saturday night, noticing the heavy fog developing around 11 p.m. As the fog started to thicken up in a soybean field, I looked up and noticed a partial moon halo just above the fog! It was weird, it really got heavy in this same field where the deer were the night before, and then slowly just rolled out...but not before a partial moon halo was visible with fog underneath it!
This is at ISO 400, f/4 and 30 seconds @ 10 mm...

So I headed towards the river near Eudora, but not so much along the river, but 1/4 mile on each side of it. Under the thick fog and some of the biggest, healthiest corn stalks I've seen in years, was a nice moon corona. I'm going to retract my statement about the XSi's noise using the High ISO noise reducer, because on long exposures at 30 seconds at 1600, it performs very poorly. My only guess on the other night, would be shorter exposures under 15 seconds.

Moon corona near Eudora, KS:

ISO 800, f/5.6, 5 secs @ 57 mm.

I went out last night near Gardner, KS on an overpass with no ramps and took long exposures of the moon and cars passing on the interstate really late...which got me pulled over and questioned for a good 15 minutes! But thanks to the officers for being polite and letting me stay on there lol. I'll post those later today.

More fog pictures:

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Steve Miller TX said...

...and the cool shots just keep on coming. :-) That last one looks like something for a scary movie poster!

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