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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

5/22/08 - 5/23/08 Photos....Wedding Photo

Still working on some more photos from 5/23/08...

Wide angle on the Quinter cone:

Quinter cone, ropeout stage on 5/23:

Hodgeman County, dual mesos....(I f'd up bad on this storm)...the one closes kept spitting out funnels, as did the one that was backlit...

The Greensburg supercell that supposedly had a large/extremely dangerous tornado on the ground...pic was taken just after the rotation went over Greensburg on 5/23:

And 5/22/08, first storm we got on just north of Dighton, KS:

We let it go after it nearly produces a tornado with a funnel, 3/4th to the ground...for this one just south of Dighton...funny, this is nearly on top of Derek's farm (Derek Shaffer, whom I was chasing with):

And taken from my ex girlfriend's house south of it okay to cheer this spinup on? :)

And, a quick photo from the wedding on Saturday...tough, tough stuff to do in heat/humidity in such a small area as we were in a gazebo...this is Nicole, Devin's sister, and her father, Will...who will see this blog entry eventually I'm sure :) Nicole's new husband, Albert, chases with us from time to time and probably will this week.

Video of 5/22/08 is done editing, and should be up later today...

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