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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some new photos from this weekend...Darin and I spent a majority of Sunday afternoon, shooting photos out at the lake. There are literally hundreds of bald eagles at Clinton Lake outside of Lawrence, KS. This lens is amazing, at 800 mm it gets tough hand-holding and focusing, especially with doing that while they are in flight. It's going to take some practice, that's for sure. Last night, one of my girlfriend's sisters, Rachel, picked me up and took me to their cousin's wedding reception (they were married earlier in the year) and which I volunteered to snap some photos. Very dim lights, and it was difficult to shoot lower than 800 ISO even with a f/2.8 lens.
If I get permission to post those, I will.

Other than that, a great weekend, on Saturday, Darin and I (mostly Darin) sold several Storms of 2007 DVD's and raised around $400 at the Advanced Spotter training in Lawrence. I caught a little bit of Mike Umscheid's presentation, which he did very well which had an excellent powerpoint presentation. It was good to see Jon Davies, Shawna Helt, Rick Schmidt, Scott Currens, Steve Polley, Doug Nelson, Mike and John O'Keeffe again. It was great to finally meet Brandon Ivey and Dan Holiday, who were gracious enough to interview us for their "The Storm Report" show which airs nationwide on various radio stations across the country. We briefly talked about Storms of 2007 and Project Greensburg, which is this Saturday!! Lots of stuff to do this week...


Anita said...


I had a computer meltdown and lost almost all of my pictures! :(

mnwxchaser said...

Nice shots. So you were shooting with the 2x teleconverter? C'mon tax refund...I want to upgrade a lens or two and support the American economy.

DM said...

Anita, I had a laptop fry on a chase in 2006, and on Friday I miraculously
revived them!!! My only still photos of tornadoes too!! I always back everything up now!

LOL, I know, I'm waiting for that tax refund too! I am working out a deal with that guy to pay for this lens. Yes, with the 2x teleconverter, 800 mm has insane reach, those birds were a good 1/4 mile away!! Darin has some great shots as well, including a closeup of a bald eagle...

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