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Monday, February 04, 2008

Fun with Fog

First things, first, I have been accused (several times now) of being Bill B.r.a.s.k.y (I don't want it to come up in the search engines any longer). No, I am not him, as I have explained on a chaser forum and another's blog, I was contacted a few months ago (anonymously) by someone wanting my help. They wanted the blog to become public and I simply offered suggestions on who to target that would say something about it publicly (ie Stormtrack). It worked, and now everyone is wondering "Who is Bill B?" I have an idea , just like the rest do, but am not 100 percent sure. Nor do I care any longer. If you wish to think it's me, that's your choice, because either way, I do not care. And if you're going to visit here more than once a day (you know who you are), go ahead and click on some of those ads for me!

Anyways, last night, I went out for a bit and shot some photos of the dense fog. I was pretty amazed on the visibility, I couldn't even see the lights from Olathe, or the Kansas City metro. This first one is from a street light with the camera pointed straight up. As usual, the vertical photo is constrained to a larger size than it actually is, so click on it to see the correct size. More photos soon, and Part II of the Greensburg July 4th documentary, which is nearly complete. (I'm gonna have to do 3 I think). I hate Mondays, I have school for 8 hours straight, at two different colleges!

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