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Saturday, February 09, 2008

More Dense Fog Pics and Snow Fog Pics

Not too much planned for this weekend, but homework and to start on a GIS project with significant tornadoes in Kansas that I have to present for 30 minutes to another college in May. I'm going to finish up Part II and III of that documentary of the 4th of July in Greensburg also, hopfeully today.

I also got a book from Eric and Fern Unruh, (Daniel's cousin) yesterday, which I plan on reading this weekend!! It's called "Tornado! Up From the Debris...To Thank God." It is a tribute book for all of the volunteers who helped the victims of the Greensburg tornado. We helped contribute with photos and our story of what led up to that night and the tornado. I also got a call, finally, from Daniel, who said he was thinking about us right before he got my message and said he was reading the book, and that he's doing okay. Hopefully he can make Project Greensburg.

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kurt said...

Hey Dick Like the newer look you got going on thanks for caring so much for the victims of these natural disasters.

See ya later


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