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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Snow Fog, Light Pillars

Darin and I went out last night at about 11:30 after I received a call from my girlfriend's friend, that there was some fog coming off of a couple of ponds on the farmer's turnpike between Lawrence and Lecompton. On our way out of town, we saw a fountain with steam coming off the top of it, which made for a pretty scene (even though it was 12 degrees out).

We then headed out towards Lecompton and saw a beautiful light pillar coming off of an American flag right next to the pond. When you looked straight up, it looked like blue northern lights!

And then the pond about a 1/2 mile to the east.

Darin and I were talking about this upcoming season and I was telling him how these "early" days don't bother me any more, and how I didn't care if I saw a tornado at all this year. He was thinking the same thing and said, "Just give me a structured supercell out in Western Kansas with no one else around, and I'll be happy." I couldn't agree more.

I'll chase those 2 percent days in Central Kansas after a moderate risk in South Dakota that others anticipated. I love the Flint Hills, I love Western Kansas...growing up there, I hated it, but have learned to see it in a different light. Kansas is boring and flat to most, but there are days I've seen the sunlight roll through those Flint Hills, that I've sworn was more beautiful than any tropical island sunset.


mnwxchaser said...

Are those HDR images or just with the Sigma lens? I hear you about not getting all wound up over the early spring systems. There sure is a lot more enjoyment watching a slowly moving sup late in the season after everyone else quits than fighting with the who's who crowd. Bring on July and August. In all seriousness, unless I have a reason to head south in April and May, I'm ready to say "screw it" and wait for the late June and July season up here.

DM said...

No, I just use Tv mode, and try different exposures, usually it's underexposed on the dial 2 stops and then just stop it down to as low as I wanna go (I went to like f/30 or something on the fountain). Then on the light pillar one I bumped it up to 200 ISO and overexposed because I wanted the snow drifts in. And the fog one was underexposed because the correct one was blown out. I just experiment till it looks good, at long exposures (30 secs usually).

I need to learn the HDR image thing, I bet it wouldn't be that hard. I am a slow learner lol.
On the fog and fountain I used the sigma 17 70 and the light pillar/building one, I used the sigma 10-20.

Yep, I want structure, tornadoes are just a bonus! I would like to head up there or western SD in July and chase alone some day!


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