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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Photos from Last Night

Tired, but here are a few, clouds came in RIGHT at totality. This lens kicks ass, and even more ass with the 2x extender. If you would, click on some of those google ads for me, so I can buy it! lol.

More tomorrow or today I guess.


Anonymous said...

Nice work! I like the wide angle shot the best, but it's cool to see you got the moon so sharp right off the bat with that lens.

Btw, your text I thought said angels...not angles. I was like, angels??? I was thinking that heavens above site or something at first. That's what I get for texting and driving.

Dustin Wilcox said...


Pat Boomer said...

Beautiful crisp shots Dick, very nice.
Saw your post at ST and was hoping you'd get to use that lens.
Gots to get me one of those!

mnwxchaser said...

OK...I think you deserve the lens. I just clicked your Google adds like 10,000 times. Happy now?

Steve Miller said...

Yep, sweet shots and amazing zoom. Guess i'll go see what other lenses that company rents.
You should get them to give you a discount for everyone you send to them...

Dewdrop said...

Awesome shot, Dick! Really great lens. I have got to get one of those!

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