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Friday, February 29, 2008

Clinton Lake and Project Greensburg

Sorry if I haven't answered your emails lately, I have been busy and stressing over this weekend. I'm looking forward to this weekend for Project Greensburg and hope things go well. I hope some of the stuff that the residents will see, will serve maybe as a closure? to them, and won't stir up too many emotions of that horrible night.

Gotta head to bed, much to do today, Anita, I can't wait to finally meet you! I'm planning on waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning and heading to Wilmore, KS...a town of where, someday, I will live. Have you ever just been to a place that you have seen in a dream as a child? Wilmore, Ks is that place to me. The song, "Home on the Range," had to have been written near that town. When we mistakenly took yet another road we thought was paved on May 5, 2007, we fell behind a developing supercell and I'm glad we did. The contrast on the landscape was beautiful, and I shit you not, there were deer, turkeys, buffalo, a rooster pheasant in the wheat fields. Someday, I'll live there. I'm not big on the "big city" life any more, just not my type of "people." I've lived in the fast lane long enough, a place like this would really be a good resting place for a tired man...someday.

It was very relaxing at Clinton Lake last night, just great lighting and a calm evening, spent just relaxing, thinking, and snapping some photos. Just a good break from all of the rush-rush living I do week in and week out. A great that makes you give thanks that you're alive and well. I'm tired, and not going to re-read this post for errors...


Anonymous said...

I know how ya feel... I have lived in the "country" all of my life... Living in the city is too fast paced for me, I dont think I could ever live there. Good luck with the move, when you decide it's time. If you need help moving, you can give me a call


Anita said...

OMG - Wilmore is MY dream town, too!!!! I LOVE WILMORE!!! It's like a trip to the past...
I'm looking forward to meeting you too! I read your interview in the paper (twice, actually) it was REALLY good!! :)
See you tomorrow night!!!

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