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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Photo Thief

Pictured above is a screen capture I took not 20 minutes ago off of Sean Wilson's website. For those who do not know what is wrong with this is my picture. I never gave Sean permission to use this photo, nor did he ever ask me, and as you can see I received no credit. Sean also chases for NBC41 in Kansas City.

Here is the link to the page, I fully expect compensation for this photo, as he owns a business which nets him income and my photo is used to promote this business.


The True Weather Underground said...

Look what i did to my website - tell me what you think

Michael O'Keeffe said...

dude i saw that and i wondered if that was yours or not cus I saw you had that picture on ST.

Drew said...

Put you name on your photos newb. ;)

doug said...
memberlist for any one keepin up w the big debat

Michael said...

Did he ever take this off his website and apologize to you? Just wondering what's going on with it now.

Pretty squirrely thing to do for someone who works for a local TV station ...

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