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Friday, November 16, 2007

I Think it's About time

For Chuck Doswell, Roger Edwards, Brian Curran, Joel Genung, and many of their colleagues of CFDG to remove their death wishes off of their websites of certain chasers they "deem" yahoos.

Not only is this unprofessional of them, it serves as a double standard for the rules Chuck set forth for his proclaimed "Storm Chasing Ethics." Hmm, I wish for you to die, but don't put yourself in danger out there or hurt others. I get it, Chuck D.

Children, read these websites, and a young chaser should never be wishing death upon others (nor should grown men with children). You're exposing kids to violent behavior, as if there isn't enough of that in this world already. Do us all a favor and drop the childish behavior, before Karma steals the limelight.

No one cares about old grudges. It's time for apologies to be made, or lines will continue to be drawn (forced more like it), and segregation will keep happening. Your days are up, there are a new generation of chasers out there, who don't give two shits about your rules, or what you've done. We're all the same out there, and we're here to help each other, as there aren't a lot of people out there who enjoy this "strange" hobby, labeled by the outside world.

So drop the egos, pull that crap off your websites, and apologize to those who you've forced into hiding, and have forced banishment upon. I hope someday you can look back on all of the stupid bullshit you've pulled, and realize what you have done to other human beings. But I'm guessing your narcissistic egos won't allow you to. This topic will continue to flare up more often than not, and it's your reputations that are in the cross-fire. Just consider yourselves lucky to be alive, and let others chase as they wish.

I can think of about 1,000 things you could do for the "community" instead of the childish hate you keep spreading on this hobby. Educate, help, and share are just a handful.

It's your choice, do the right thing.

Please feel free to comment below, and put other names on here that I have left out, so that justice is served, or to voice your opinion on the matter.


Anonymous said...

i been looking for a shirt like that for some time. think we can get in touch with the don so we get matching shirts

those horses look scared

joesafetypants said...

Dude you need to post that on Stormtrack! Who cares if they delete it, ban you, or have someone from the CFDG run you over. That shit right there needs to be said and people need to read it.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what it would be like to be Tim and have someones hand up your ass all the time telling you what to do. everyone talkes about puppets in storm chasing but i think tim could be the biggest one of all and not even no it

Steve Miller said...

People aren't getting the point on ST regarding the "other" forum. They seem to think other ST members are pissed off because they weren't invited to be a pert of the "other" group. That's not it at all. The uprising is because of special treatment afforded to those who are members of the "other" board and have immunity on ST becasue of this fact.

Anonymous said...

some1 made a good point 2 me abt tv.has he actualy chased n the pst 10 yrs? wht mks him the chase god that he is

Steve Miller said...

Looks like a case of the storm track's has hit your blog comments. You didn't give Tim the keys did you?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Moller...but your BALLS are showing.

Charles said...

Well I really thought things were going to change this time but it really does not look that way, the only person who backed me up on Stormtrack had to pull their post LOL. I give up Doswell/Edwards forever!! Guess I will go edit my post to and just put up links to Doswell/Edwards essay's. At least we gave it a shot. Good blog entry by the way.

Steve Miller said...

Dick, looks like you're the lucky one and get to host the off-forum comment frenzy on your blog this time.

I'll back chuck and add that there are a lot of pots calling kettles black in this fine community of ours.
We used to reference sheep and shepherds in these situations but this is a little different. In this instance, people have opinions that are their very own; strong enough opinions that they were posted in public forum for all to see. No puppets here, not this time.
With a little convincing by a few, a blown kiss and empty promise, posts and comments are pulled without regard. It makes me sick to see people led to discredit by their peers.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that notices the rank hypocrisy here? Dick is enraged and demanding other chasers act according to his moral demands, or else karma will get them?

Such fragile, fragile egos...

mnwxchaser said...

CFDG = no big deal. As a FORMER member of one of the other "elite" groups AM mentioned in his post to ST, I can tell you this. 95% of the "membership" is used to feed egos. The other 5% actually does go back into the community (training materials, field research data, etc). The whole ST drama really is sad as it uncovers what a tool the forum owner is turning out to be.

DM said...

Anonymous who posted the comment before Bill did (mnwxchaser),

Hypocrisy? How do you figure? I simply stated that they should shut their mouths before "Karma" stole the limelight. That's how everything in this life works, not just for silly dictators who think they invented storm chasing. Is that wishing death upon someone? Nah, it just means that everything comes back around full circle. So quit putting words into my mouth, officer. I do not wish death on anyone.

Exactly how do I have an ego? I'm not out there counting tornadoes or shoving my met degree , success, or anything else in others faces. Oh wait, that's because I can't! I'm not claiming to be a veteran, or an elitist, or anything else these little-dicked nerds out there are boasting about.

Bottom line in this matter, is for these assholes to shut their fucking mouths about other chasers, or it keeps getting worse.

And before you press the "Publish your comment" button again, your location and IP is visible, no matter HOW long you keep a window open! LOL.

Steve Miller said...

Holy shit Chuck - I was saved today too. I will be making a pilgrimage to Norman this upcoming week in order to ask for forgiveness for my sins from the powers that be.
Would you care to join me?

Awesome blog link, my friend.

mnwxchaser said...

History repeats itself? LOL. I don't have a current email for you so I had to send it this way.

Take a chill pill……
October 17th, 2006 by Karen Leszke

It never ceases to amaze me - when I do my 10-minute morningly flit between Stormtrack, my email inbox, and the various Blogs that I occasionally read out of morbid interest - how entirely and wholly wrapped-up in the chaser community some chasers are. I mean even now - in the off-season on the brink of a winter - people eat, sleep, talk and dream storms. If they’re not thinking about storm chasing they’re arguing about storm chasing; if they’re not arguing about storm chasing they’re arguing about storm chasers.

What is this affliction that causes people to be totally unable to let chasing go for a while? I haven’t fathomed it yet but I’m working on it. I completed my 5th year of chasing this year and - I tell you what - every time the fall and winter come around I’m damn glad! I can’t keep up the full-tilt, red-hot maximum chase pace that other “real” chasers do. By this point in the year I am no more interested in talking about storm chasing than I am in talking about the Hawaiian earthquake that didn’t do anything.

I understand the need to be in a “community” of sorts……but boy the community in storm chasing is a hard one to get along with. I need a tangible community - not a virtual one. Hence why I enjoy working where I do - surrounded by 30-or-so other employees who are all genuine, good people. Maybe my job is why I am currently marvelling at the storm chase “community” - since I started working I have less and less time for things I consider frivolous - of which talking and arguing about chasing is one. I dunno.

I see some people are talking more and more about the new “Storms Of…” DVD which is being produced by Verne Carlson. I’m sure it’ll be an interesting production - and it’s great to see something done for charity. However - one chaser in particular made a very off-colour reference last week to his other fellow-chasers on his Blog. In his opinion - there are a great deal of self-promotion minded chasers out there who are sitting on their good footage and not contributing it to the “Storms Of 2006″ DVD because there’s no money to be made in it. The production is for charity and, hence, not worth contributing to. That’s nice. So all chasers who don’t take ten days out of their life to submit and/or produce footage for the new “Storms Of…” DVD are mercenary bastards? That truly is a wide-sweeping and irresponsible statement. People have jobs. People have families. People have problems. People do, contrary to what some chasers think, have lives outside of chasing.

Oh well. I’m sure people’ll read this article and turn me into the Guy for the bonfire next month. I don’t care. I have to get to work.

Steve Miller said...

Whoa - how did she know there would be a bonfire this month? Spooky man.

Anyone know who's blog said that? Seems pretty brave to say stuff like that in public. We'll have to report them to g. stump.

DM said...

That blog is dated in Oct of 2006. It doesn't matter though, it just proves what Shane said is right.

Chuck D. said...

Looks like word got out that all you little fuckers have finally been brought under control. Now things can return back to normal.

DM said...

BTW, Bill, my email address is:

midwesternmeso at hotmail dot com

Shane Adams said...

I hate controversial comments with no name attached. For some for the shit-talking I've read on these comments, someone sure doesn't have the balls to assign themselves an identity. be original, and step into the spotlight when you take unbelievably-personal stabs at people. I could care less what your opinion is, but have the balls to make them legit by attaching a name.

C Doswell said...

I agree with Shane on this and really people should just do it the way I do. The key to shitting on people and getting away with it is to reference them in a way that everybody knows who you are talking about without using their names. Then if someone say's you really should not shit on that person you can respond with "that is not who I was talking about", it works great everytime! My yahoo death wish is another story though because that pretty much just references most chasers out there that do not belong to my close knit social club. Also click on my name to see how my buddie Roger shit's on people that send him simple e-mails. It is so great not be an un-educated piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep my thoughts on this matter private, but I must say... Jim Goerss looks like he was SUCH a chick magnet back in his day. Move over Brad Pitt..

Michael said...

Taken from Dr. D's essay on the 2nd law of thermodynamics and inevitable entropy within organizations ... this sounds like the way a lot of folks are looking at the ST-CFDG issue:

"When organizations come into existence, they typically have some broad consensus to achieve something. Everyone at the beginning buys into this consensus and policies are driven by the shared goals within the organization. With time, however, individuals are hired who are less concerned with the organization’s goals and more concerned with their careers. Stupid rules are created by managers unable to deal with problem employees - it’s easier to create a stupid rule (that applies to everyone) to deal with some problem than it is to confront an individual who may have made a mess by his/her actions. These rules accumulate, along with careerist managers. with the result that life in the organization slides inexorably downhill. Things always go from good to worse. Managers and other careerists are preoccupied with justifying their existence in the organization - many of them become quite adept at it. They create problems for the productive people on the staff. The stupid rules that accumulate during the development of the organization virtually always make it difficult to get rid of incompetents, and those incompetents rise through the hierarchy through a combination of seniority, attrition at higher levels, and the incompetence of people above them. With time, the organization becomes bloated with bullshit: this consists of (a) massive paperwork and (b) inept bozos whose main goal is to not let anything bad happen during their tenure, so they can move on to the next level. Creativity and innovation are stifled. All of the recognized laws of bureaucracy - e.g., Parkinson's Law (Work expands to fill the time allotted for it.), or the Peter Principle (In a hierarchy, every person rises to his/her level of incompetence.), and so forth - are simply expressions of this more basic principle: the Second Law of Thermodynamics).

When applied to organizations, my corollary to the Second Law can be stated in the mildly profane way: bullshit = entropy. Thus, for organizations, bullshit either remains the same or increases. If the bullshit level decreases locally for a time, this at best a local transient situation, such that over time there always is an increase of bullshit within the organization as a whole. Essentially, the only way to defeat this principle is to kill the organization, or let it die from suffocation in its own entropy."

DM said...

FWIW, I have removed some comments (including one of my own) for slams on others. Something personal has come up in my life, and I don't have time to deal with this blog or even anything to do with the internet for quite some time.

By no means am I standing down on any of this matter, and I will leave the blog up, but I can not take the time to deal with bullshit right now.

I'm sure some of the comments are borderline courtroom material, and that's one of the places I'd love to meet some of these people (It's where I can do the most damage to someone!) but a very close person in my life is not physically and mentally well. Their life is very fragile right now, and I wouldn't be the same if this person wasn't in my life.

But if anyone plans on putting my name on a blog or a website, I'll just pick up the phone and call them, or show up on their doorstep unannounced to discuss whatever it is they are upset about. I hate arguments via the keyboard. Nothing ever gets settled.

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