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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Uninvited Guests, Greensburg ghost?

Darin and I picked up this gentleman (below) the night of Greensburg. We never thought about it at the time, but he let us know where people were that needed helped, and that were trapped. Considering there were no communications that night after the tornado hit, and we picked him up about 1 mile west of where he knew a lady was "trapped," I find it interesting how calm he was, in fact, he never told us what happened to him, or where he came from, and was completely fine, not a spec of dirt, mud, blood, nothing on him. He rested in my car for awhile, got out occasionally and I checked on him 2-3 times before we left to check houses, and he just sat in there looking straight ahead. On the way into town, he kept telling us the history of Greensburg, sort of like a tour guide, and he said it as though he remembered just yesterday. He disappeared sometime, not sure when exactly. The whole night is a blur, and I am still trying to piece together what went on, and that I remember. It's weird watching us in the video that night, it seems as if someone else is controlling me, I don't even remember some of the stuff.
I put out a request to identify him, as I'm sure someone knows him, so hopefully it will stop freaking us out, after piecing everything he said and did that night. But if you listen to his voice in the video, you'll know where we are coming from. He was wearing a vintage suit, similar to those worn back in the 1950's, which we thought was odd too.

I left the door cracked, and this little guy snuck in. I kept trying to help him get out, and he kept swooping at me, so I took a yardstick and coaxed him out of my room, and finally got him to go back out, after about 30 minutes.

Interesting stuff, I know. But sort of like breaking a mirror, or throwing
salt over your shoulder, getting a bird in your house is known for "Chaser" bad luck. Just ask Mike.....

I wonder what can be done to reverse this curse. His curse is officially lifted.


mnwxchaser said...

That is really weird Dick. If you ever find out who the guy is, let us know.

DM said...

Will do, Bill. I put out a request for him here

Same place I found Daniel, so hopefully I get a reply soon.

I told Mike Parker about this, and he told me a similar story with a hitchhiker fitting his description (old man with a vintage suit), who his mother and other old church ladies picked up near Dallas. He talked about the world coming to an end, and then disappeared like a ghost. He wore the same suit, everything, I think Mike is going to show them pics of him.

Hopefully, I'm blowing this out of proportion, but there are some strange coincidences. Of course, in the heat of it all, we never thought twice about anything, but looking back, it gives me chills.

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