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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bald Eagle Photos, Day 2 at Squaw Creek

I'm freaking pooped, I spent 9 hours in my car and 6 of those out at Squaw Creek again today, it feels like a long chase day in late February already. There had to have been 4 times as many today than on don't do justice of what it's like to be there. Dean Cosgrove and Mike Hollingshead were out there again today on this beautiful, mild, mid 60's temp day. I think I got a bit of a sun burn as well.

Here are a few photos from today and one on Monday of a bald eagle near Gardner Lake. More on Friday as I have a crapload to process.......

Dustin Wilcox has some sweet photos here and Mike Hollingshead has some new ones on his front page.

Bald Eagle

Snow Geese + Squaw Creek

Snow Geese + Squaw Creek

Bald Eagle


Steve Miller TX said...

Stunning eagle shot!! I'm jealous. :-)

Dewdrop said...

These are amazing, Dick!

Dixon said...

Great stuff, Dick. Looking forward to some more! The sunset shot is perfect.

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