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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gladstone Missouri Spotter Talk 2009, Storm Chasing on Sunday - Wednesday?

Reed Timmer and Chris Chittick of TornadoVideos.Net ( TVN ) were in town last Thursday presenting some of their videos and trailers from the Discovery Channel show, "Storm Chasers." Derek Shaffer and I got there about 5 minutes till 7 when it started and briefly chatted with Reed and Chris before hand. Nearly 275 people showed up to a usual 50-75 AT BEST spotter talk! Derek Deroche started the NWS talk off and Reed did his presentation till about 10 p.m. This was my very first "spotter talk!" LOL. I'd rather be at one of these, than Uncle Chuck's upcoming talk at TESSA, "What Have We Learned Since 09 April 1979?" I'd guess those who know me, know that I could think of about 100 things to say what we've learned about him since that date. :) The annual "Darwinism" speech on the "Xtreme chasers" to ground-worshipping, North Texas spotters seems highly likely.

Anywho, Jon and Shawna Davies showed up towards the end and we chatted for a bit. I hope to see them both again soon, and am currently reading another excellent paper entitled, "Three Strong Tornado Events in 2008 associated with Boundary Intersections and Narrow Instability Axes near 700-mb Lows" which you can view online here.

After the talk, Reed and Chris were talking with everyone who wanted to and we met up afterwards at Perkin's and discussed a lot of major plans for this upcoming season. More on that in the future as things become more clear.

Here are a few pictures:

Reed Timmer Spotter Talk I

Reed Timmer Spotter Talk

Reed Timmer Spotter Talk

Reed Timmer Spotter Talk

Chris Chittick Spotter Talk

There seems to be several disturbances headed for a good chunk of the US which should yield more interesting weather in the following week and I'll likely be chasing and updating this more as things become more clear.

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