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Monday, February 23, 2009

Snow Geese Photos at Squaw Creek

My father, who is an assistant D.A. in Topeka, Kansas is currently doing a murder trial with a man named Darwin Law. I figured a few people reading this might "Chuck"le at that one. His unparalleled trial conviction ratio will likely land him a successful prosecution during the week sometime. The senseless murder was all over $20 worth of crack cocaine. That's Topuka for you.

Mike Hollingshead has been telling me about the insane amount of snow geese at Squaw Creek recently, so I met up with him on Saturday to snap some photos in the freezing cold with a strong NW wind. I'll likely be heading out there again on Wednesday to see if I can't shoot a few more. Below are a few photos. Mike has been there for the past few days and has some incredible photos on his front page here.

A rare picture of Mike in action lol:

Mike Hollingshead + Geese

Squaw Creek Snow Geese

Squaw Creek Snow Geese

Squaw Creek Snow Geese

Squaw Creek Snow Geese

Squaw Creek Snow Geese


Squaw Creek Snow Geese

Squaw Creek Snow Geese

Squaw Creek Snow Geese

Snow Geese + Squaw Creek

Squaw Creek Snow Geese


Dan R said...

Those are some amazing images!

mnwxchaser said...

Ha...that NWR is still one of the places to visit on my list. However, since tipping Mike off about it earlier this year, the images you guys are shooting takes a little pain off the long drive from up here. Great job.

Midwestchaser said...

Holy crap, awesome pics! that's gotta be amazing to see something like that happen.

shone.willyam said...

wowwww !!!!! its osammm pics of geeses. can ouy tell where did you get it

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