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Monday, February 16, 2009

Latest Chases, New Photography Website

First, I just thought I'd mention that after reading Devin's adoption papers for a kitten she adopted back in August, I was very saddened to know that our cat Humphrey had spent 13 weeks in the Animal Shelter before someone (she) finally (and I'm sooooooo glad) adopted him. I never used to like cats whatsoever until Humphrey was brought home. He is a very loving cat and I can see the gratitude in his eyes every day that he was taken out of there and put into a loving home. If I had the means/power I would adopt all of those poor animals at the shelter. Below is a photo of him.

Second, Andy Fischer and I ventured last Monday for a chance at some tornadoes the NAM was hinting at (and teased us) for extreme Northeast Kansas and below was pretty much all we saw. The RUC picked up on what the GFS had thought the night before.

Earlier that morning, a squall line moved through Olathe, and this was the backside of it as it did. I experienced no more than 50 mph winds at 9:26 a.m.

Then on Tuesday, I left work early (early as in 2 p.m.) and Scott Currens, Darin and I chased garbage that was tornado-warned all up until we got on it of course. We let the gust front hit us in Coffeyville then called it a day. An EF-4 tornado hit the town of Lone Grove, OK after dark claiming the lives of several victims. Kudos to those who were reporting the tornado shortly before it hit.

The first photo below is what happens to convection when it runs into a stable atmosphere.

Last but not least, a good friend Mike Parker has a new website for his photography and wedding shoots that he does. Darin designed the awesome website for him, and we both will be assisting him in wedding shoots in the very near future.

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Dann Cianca said...

That freaking photo with the weird turbulent altocu is freaking awesome. Freaking.

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