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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some New Pictures, "Tornadoes Rampage"

Edit: If you are looking for pictures of tornadoes, my storm photo collection is here.

Last week, I went back to Weston, Missouri and into the state park there I found a beautiful overlook. This place would be perfect, almost, to view early morning fog but unfortunately closes at sundown and doesn't open back up until sunrise.

Repression 20

Missouri's state parks definitely are a step up or two from Kansas' parks.

I took this Friday night after a beautiful sunset:

Cadillac Ranch

Last Thursday, when heading to Devin's for dinner, I saw a faint sundog and of course it was the one time I didn't have my camera, but I let a Flickr friend, Nicole, and she snapped a picture of it.

I snapped this (below) yesterday afternoon, just trailing the elevated convection, enjoying rain-free bases just a few miles from my house.

And after telling her I was going to head out last night to do some long exposures of something...she wanted to tag along, so I met up with her and we shot various long exposures near Gardner, Kansas and I tried to help her out with questions about photography. She definitely has the eye, but not totally familiar with all of the "mechanics" of her camera, similar to myself, so helping someone out that is eager to learn is something I'll never turn down, since the same help was given to me, I'm just paying it forward. (if I have time of course!).

Here's a photo I shot of Nicole last night, "painting" her with the flashlight and making it look as if there were 3 of her.

Triple Nicks

Just doing this last night sparked some more creative ideas I hope to try out tonight or very soon, before I forget them.

In other news, "Tornadoes Rampage" is airing now on The Discovery Channel, and after turning them down several times, offered us the price we were looking for, for stock footage. The 6 other requests I've had just this year for stock footage, have yet to air or I've either turned them down as well. It's insane to get this many requests in one year, for shows over tornadoes...the public interest is obviously spiking once again. Off to do more homework...

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