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Friday, September 05, 2008

Another Kasatochi Sunset, Dense Fog and Fogbow

Another brilliant sunset last night, I'll never grow old of seeing a sky with a fiery glow to it. Evidently, this may be a regular thing for a period of time according to the experts.

I was up bright and early for the dense fog and finally saw the elusive fogbow. I was driving south on a county road and thought I saw something faint to the west so I snapped a quick picture and sure enough! Darin ended up being out taking pictures too and got some sweet fogbow pictures as well...we were at the exact location at the exact time (for a few minutes) and somehow didn't see each other. What's funny about that, is that it was Douglas County Lake...neither of us have talked or been to but a few times. I didn't see any steam hoses, but Mike did again...I'm really eager to see some of these...someday!

Some pictures below of Fogfest 2008 in northeast Kansas. I'm ready for a decent fall setup to chase soon, maybe even a cold-core setup later on that won't bust!



"Back to Basom"


I'm almost done with the trailer for the double DVD production of ours that should be ready by mid October.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Congrats on the fog bow festivities. Doesn't it make you wonder how many times you've missed the things. They are easy to just never notice. The last road one kicks ass.

Dann Cianca said...

Great pics Dick!


Dewdrop said...

Amazing shot, Dick! Love the new look of your site. I love the fog bow shots. I have never witnessed one personally... unless like Mike said, I just missed them.

The last one... wow. I mean... WOW!

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