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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas, you no longer have a job.

That's what my boss called me up to tell me I missed at our meeting. My place of employment as of today, is no longer in business. I never saw this one coming ;-). So, now, I go look for a new job that will have flexibility that I need, and hopefully I get one before school starts. They told me I could claim unemployment or something, but I'm not the person that can do that. Plus, there are many jobs out there that are of equal level (pizza job!). I just thought it was funny they closed down, because I called it 9 months ago. They purposely ran it into the ground.

The Outlaw Chasers have a new show tomorrow night at 9 p.m. CDT called "Tornado Hunters" that will surely give the Big D a heart attack. Here is a preview:

Strong language!!! But great footage.

Lanny Dean and I have become pretty good friends since Greensburg, and my opinions of him changed once I got to know who he was. I haven't talked much to Randy Hicks, but Darin does, and he seems alright. There recently has been a thread about them which was locked, because of real Special people on Stormtrack, attacking their character.

If you want a good read, check out Steve Miller Texas' thoughts on the group that calls themselves "CFDG" as well as Steve Miller OK's blog about the subject. These two have seen this stuff go on for a long time, while I have only known about it for a few years (I'm a newb). I have this funny feeling, that in a couple of years, these same guys who banished others because of silly things, will suddenly become the focus of many parodies, that will be shared worldwide. As Darin's favorite boy band member once said in a song, "What goes around comes back around." Justin Timberlake was like SO right!

Lastly, inspired by Bill Doms' brilliant logo, Darin and I are starting the DuckChoz clothing line, featured by our new company YahooWear. It will feature shirts as these below. We're working on getting them printed, stay tuned! You'll want one of these for next year, it's the new chaser look of 2008!


Anita said...

Sorry about your job... Sure you'll find another one real soon!

Merry Christmas...

DM said...

Yeah, it's no big deal. I have already been offered others. I am a hard worker, and never miss work at all, so getting a job is no problem for me. I just need flexibility for chasing, and my other "job" with WIBW in the Spring.

Merry Christmas Anita! I'm heading over to your blog to tell ya.


Steve Miller TX said...

Well, I wish you success in finding the right job to allow you the flexibility you need. I've come to th conclusion that us stormchasers just aren't cut out for a M-F 8-5 job. We are non-conformists! LOL!

Also, the new clothing line is absolutely freakin hilarious!! I got a hearty "chuck"le out of that one. ;-)

Let the parodies flow forth!

Steve Miller said...

Best of luck with the job - this is an opportunity! Now you can put full concentration to your clothing line and likely make a killing!
I've had too much Christmas food and now need to stop writing so I can go up"chuck".
Keep us updated.

Dewdrop said...

Good luck in your job hunt. That sucks!

mnwxchaser said...

I'll trade you a Doswin Yahfish shirt for a YTF Agent shirt!

MikeScantlinWX said...

hahahah i have read this before but never commented. dibbs on a task force shirt. may want to get one in xxxxl for terry tyler. or is it tyler terry. who cares.

Bill Braski said...


To Bill Brasky!

Bill Brasky walked into the secret CFDG club in Norman, took Doswell's cowboy hat off..... lit it on fire by rubbing his balls together, then tucked it back under his armpit... and when the fire went out from under his arm, sure as shit, he made himself a fresh tattoo that read "Only sissies make up names like yahoo" ......and it was in Portuguese!

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