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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Storm? The Big Bad "D"

Wow, Chuck Doswell's "open letter" has really dug himself a bigger hole. This letter he posted on Stormtrack only helped reinstate what many storm chasers have been suddenly accusing him of (or accusing him for many, many years). Job well done, Chuck. Also, if you haven't seen Roger Edwards' blog, it is also a tear jerker. I guess they never would have expected so many to publicly debate and criticize their actions. This is only a fraction of what is to be expected in the future, segregation and a collapse within the hierarchy. There is much more to reveal about certain individuals and groups if this keeps getting pushed back into the limelight.

Hey Chuck, if you are suggesting saying something to your face, just give me a date and time, and we'll have coffee or something, k?

It looks like, possibly, that the KC metro will not see as big of an ice storm as expected, based on the 12z runs, suggesting that the WAA will push further north than the previous runs. But it's anyone's guess of where the freezing line will be placed in the near future. I hope it goes further north, as I travel 3-400 miles per week for my job, school and my girlfriend's house and that would only complicate things for me!

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