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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chiefs Game today

Section 106 Row 12 and seats right on the end. Two touchdowns happened 40 feet in front of us but we still lost. Oh well, it was my first regular season Chiefs game ever, and with my dad. We had a pretty good time, and even though we lost, at least the cheerleaders were right in front of us. Plus, I saw Vince Young in action, the first time ever, him and Tony Gonzalez look like absolute monsters up close.


mnwxchaser said...

I like the wide angle shots. Great color. Need to take in a Royals night game this season if I make it down there. Stadiums are side by side...right?

Anita said...

I was at Arrowhead once... But it was for a Big 12 finals game, 17 degrees and snowing, and K-State lost anyway... Still have fun...
Would LOVE to see the Chiefs!

DM said...

Ha, thanks Bill, I took them with my cell phone. Yeah, the stadiums are side by side, you shouldn't have a problem getting any tickets lol.


K-State??! Boooo. Yeah, Arrowhead is a neat place, I was there in 2000 for the World Cup vs. Costa Rica, good times.

BTW: Hopefully your Storms of 2007 DVD will be there before Christmas!
Happy Holidays...

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