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Monday, January 02, 2006

St. Louis

Just got back from a New Year's celebration in St. Louis. Everything I expected from a GW party and then some. Nursing a bad hangover today; I still found time to shoot a few arch pictures. Overcast skies didn't help and somehow the night before I shot around 2-300 JPEG shots, and was left with only 2 today. :D I'll post some of the arch tomorrow.

It was my second trip there, but the first time I was just there for a night, the time before, witnessing one of many great "Ween" shows (At the Pageant). Excellent band: or We turned the AIDS/HIV song into SARS (When that outbreak occurred) between us friends, and Gene smiled when we did.
These guys are brilliant, mocking every rock band and humor embedded within, (and making it sound like) from 12 Golden Country hits album (My fav: Piss up a rope) to the most recent "quebec" and more popular. ("Transdermal Celebration", "Captain", "Happy Colored Marbles", "Tried and True")

Listening to the song, and sparking curiousity about the video, I've now watched "Imagine" by "A Perfect Circle" 10 times. LOL. Great video, I would have posted on here, but wouldn't want to remind people of the world we live in. Here's the link, most republicans would like to see go away and would make John Lennon proud.

Moderate Risk for storms today for the southeast, will be interesting to see how things unfold. 2006's first tornado went in the books on January 1st, and to Mississippi. Is this a good omen for 2006? We'll see.


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