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Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year's

Heading to St. Louis tomorrow.

We're gonna party like it's 1999. Great videos:

"You can call us Aaron Burr by the way we're droppin hamilton's!"

Parnell's face in the store at the end is classic.

and a lost classic:

If it doesn't work type in CKY chinese rap :)

Big 12 Now 4-1.......Now it's time for UT to step up to the plate. My friend Chris is no doubt nervous about the game as he was on Sept. 10th :D. See you on Jan. 4th, hopefully. Here's a pic of him an Tara as we watched a close game, he was so excited at the end that he punched me in the face, resulting in a bloody nose. Gotcha!

What people don't realize about UT is the speed of their D. I certainly hope Leinart can pass, cause Reggie is getting shut down. UT 38- USC 24. Oh and did i mention special teams. They make the difference.

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Steve Miller said...

More pics of Tara on your blog would be cool with me during the off-season... heh

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