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Monday, January 30, 2006

Saturday's half-chase

Good name
Looking Northeast at county line approx 606 pm, wondering what just happened (POOOOOOOOOOOOOOF)
this is the one we want but the southern one seeds...
Approaching Emporia, 3 seperate cells forming updrafts rise and fall then......
My good friend Derek Shaffer (Whom I hadn't chased with since 04') wanted to chase (But lives in Springfield MO). (We were going to head to our target area from Emporia to Abilene argghhh) So we arrived late to the ongoing convection. Northern storm looked stronger but southern one would produce the weak rotation, associated with a choppy wall. Storm immediately fell apart at sunset, but storms further north kept the drive alive with occasional lightning. For once I have video and didn't take stills with the XT , (Bought my new Panasonic 3ccd PV150). Time: approx 5:37 Pm.

Location ~10 miles east of emporia on I 35. Looking west. These pictures were taken at 90 mph. lol. Storms with visual weak rotation were on highway 50 west of Emporia, right at the chase county line. :)

Apologize for the OOF pics.........when i get a card for the 3 ccd i will post more of the wall cloud....

All in all a good day....just didn't "feel" it. (As Darin would say) Nov 27th, I knew it was gonna be a good day.

Thanks Mike Parker and Eric B' Hymer for the nowcasting, and good seeing you again Eric and congrats on being a future father! (We stopped in Iola to get an update)

Unintentionally took some more photos yesterday, of the moon, , Civil war monuments, and a beautiful sunset near Ft. Scott. More tom.

Radar: southern storm at end of loop

Dear (The month of) May,

Please hurry. Send goodies!


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