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Monday, December 19, 2005

Lawrence Fire

I received a phone call from the Lawrence Police Department concerning my video of the fire. If this is news to you, back in October there was an arson which took the lives of 3 people in a Lawrence Kansas apartment complex. The detective was very pleased with the video, and jotted down some information from me. He also thanked Darin and I for our contributions and the video might be used as evidence in the case against the scum that killed those innocent people. He said the video displayed a lot of emotion (especially from myself), and I assume that will be a dagger against him. Glad to know I could assist in helping someone be punished for such a horrendous crime against life and property. Hope God writes this down in his book of many circumstances where I have helped to save lives. (I helped a kid that fell four stories from the KU dorms stay awake while paramedics arrived 4 years ago.) I seem to always be in the right place (or the wrong place) at the right time. In one week in 99, I saw three people die right in front of me on 3 consecutive days. Death is something I'm no stranger too.

When that piece of paper is read to me in a couple of months, friends will know already know the outcome and my thoughts. I can't wait for Spring, that's if it ever makes it here.


Steve Miller said...

It's wonderful you were able to give the video and that it might be used for the case against the suspect.
It is amazing how much what you say during a video affects the outcome of the video. So many times I watch chase videos and hear some jackass yelling at a tornado to hurry up and drop or, in a giddy voice, encourage the tornado to stay down as it approaches a structure. That is just sick.

Anonymous said...
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DM said...

To anonymous:

Good job on masking your IP, but you clicked on a referral from one of my link's site, and afterwards an OKC addresss came up. So I can only assume who this is.

I never claimed to be a hero, and I don't need to defend myself on my own blog. And truly is spelled truly. :D

Keep posting on here or visiting, I'll eventually figure out your identity. Real men don't hide behind computers and post anonymously. That would then qualify you as a woman. Which then, in that case, there is nothing wrong with, cause then I know who you are. :D

You spent 45 minutes writing that paragraph up?

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