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Sunday, December 18, 2005

More snow

And I express the topic as in "I'm not amused." I think here in Olathe we received 2-3 inches. Enough to cause some minor wrecks, ice the highways, and dirty up the ride. It was a very peaceful snow however, and I enjoyed watching it fall. Don't have any pictures up yet, left the cam at Darin's. argghhhh. On Friday, I witnessed a rather large sundog as sunset approached, and once again, I was without the camera. I tried to call Darin and Mike Peregrine to inform them of the situation, but no luck. Such a relaxing sight on my way to Lawrence, and it helped relax the nerves of the ridiculous traffic. It's almost Christmas, and the next thing you know it's March, and the chase season begins (maybe), and I will savor the day we get back out on the open road.

Here is a photo I shot with the old camera on June 12th near Hamlin Texas. Missed the tornado-fest by an hour, but we still had a great time, and what beautiful structure it exhibited.

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