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Thursday, December 22, 2005

So I was just browsing.....

I googled for Tornado Count 2005 *Yeah I know where to look, but was just curious*. And on the second page I find this.

Most video I've seen of that day of us. Yes I get excited and so does Darin. So what? We yell for maybe a minute, then it's over. Who doesn't get excited. Keep in mind, this was late late November, and the speed of this tube forming was phenomenal, and from what we could tell it wasn't going to hit anythingor anyone. Anyone who doesn't get excited when they see a tornado is a liar. I'll do cartwheels in front of a tornado if I choose, maybe some back flips.

Crappy quality of the video, and they show the sequence of the tornadoes wrong, and I make a fatal mistake by getting in the video, thinking I was out of it's range. Darin's on his way up here so we can go to Desperate Housewife City, KS to get his ham radio. Living in the 3rd richest county is as close to hell as I ever want to be.

Pictures are of shelf forming NW of Fort Dodge IA on July 25th then the complete aftermath as we race away from it somewhere near Ames. 1 tornado reported less than 20 miles from us (Think it was this storm). Red box bust, fun trying to outrun this sucker, should have let it blow over us, strange bugs biting us in the rain!

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