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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Video Stream, Tracker and Shiny Toy Guns

Just a quick update here, I added a little widget at the top that will show our location when we're storm chasing. And if you click on the green car icon, it should display live video (when available, obviously).

I also added some new blog/website links to the bottom who have kindly linked me on theirs. If you're reading this and would like to have your website linked, just leave a comment on here and I'll add it.

Earlier this year I found out that the band Shiny Toy Guns, who are a pretty major band worldwide, and are in fact...storm chasers. I've been exchanging emails with the keyboardist who seems to know his stuff and hopefully we'll meet up before or after a chase this year (they are currently in Montreal Canada touring however, but have a break May 10 - 23 IIRC). Although they live in Los Angeles, two of the members are originally from Shawnee, OK and they tell me it's their "secret hobby" they have had for some time, while being full-time rock stars now.

I highly recommend checking out this amazing song/video here of theirs!

Below is a picture I shot of them chasing back on March 7th (and I wish I had known it was THEM at the time!), the black van with the lightbar is them with Oklahoma tags that reads "Shinys"

Although, so far, this weekend's set up looks "ok", we'll still be chasing Friday - Sunday, most likely, and I'll hopefully be posting updates more often now that the season is nearly in full swing.

The Band, "Shiny Toy Guns"


Shane Adams said...

That looks like the van Darin was bitching about in spotterchat after that day, something about they had a ridiculously over-the-top setup and were driving like idiots.

Jarrod C. said...

Yeah they are a cool band. One of their songs says the word mesocyclone! I mentioned it in that one ST thread about chasing music a while back. I knew they were from OK too but just figured they really knew their weather terms :)

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