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Monday, April 27, 2009

Roll, Oklahoma Tornadoes

I'll elaborate more a little later today, but this was the first tornado Darin and I saw near Roll, Oklahoma. We sat in this exact spot for a good 20 minutes waiting on the storm and it happens to produce a tornado at extremely close range (within 200 yards tops). This is at 10 mm, the widest one can go without being a fisheye, my other lenses wouldn't have been able to fit the whole thing in. It's MUCH closer than this...more later including a 10 minute video of the whole day.



Steve Miller TX said...

Spectacular!!!! Well done. That is definitely magazine cover material. makes me sick now that I pulled off this storm before it produced.

Tony Laubach said...

Gorgeous shot, dude! NICE!!!

mnwxchaser said...

Butler put it best. Photo of the over.

I remember someone (you) said the same thing about about a shot of mine back in 2007...yours will be a classic for a lot longer that a year. Great job bro.

Mike P said...

Instant classic bro. Good job.

Dann Cianca said...

Beautiful shot man ... we were probably within a mile of you. My photos are less spectacular. :)

JayM said...

Epic shot!! Wasnt the biggest tornado of the day but this is the shot that people will remember when we talk about this storm years from now!! I was not far from this either but have nothing that compares to this shot. I think it captures the essence of chasing at its best. Definite National Geographic material. Huge cudos!!

Dewdrop said...

Tight! Awesome work, Dick!

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