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Monday, April 20, 2009

Old Photos

Well, I haven't really done much of any chasing this past week, although I should have on Saturday as a nice cold-core setup was in place for SW KS. In fact, Saturday's tornadoes were within 45 miles of where I grew up (Kalvesta, Kansas). I've been through Kalvesta about 1 million times in my life, so the area I'm quite familiar with. Jon Davies has a nice writeup here on his blog. Below are some photos of the cold-core tornado fest Darin and I were chasing on November 27, 2005 near Marion, Kansas. Easily one of my favorite chases ever.

Cold-core tornado with mini supercell

Cold-core tornado with mini supercell

November House Tornado

Cold-core tornado with mini supercell

There's no telling where or when the next setup will be, the models keep flip-flopping around. Perhaps late this week or early next week.

In other news, I'm growing tired of the competition that seems to grow bigger and bigger each year in the storm chasing world. It seems as if the number of storm chasers out there now are in this for the "attention" and "fame." While I've been offered and tempted by these, it will never be part of my agenda. New "chasers" are popping up each year with a data card, a live stream and an SPC target to drive to and who thrive to be like Sean Casey or now, Reed Timmer. The ability to make their own forecasts and taking the time to learn storm structure/behavior is now a past time.


mnwxchaser said...

Amen brother...

Chris said...

That's one of the reasons I've never joined any other forums after went belly-up. On a more positive note I am looking forward to an upcoming chase trip to the Alley next month. I'll be posting results on my blog (; who knows, maybe we'll cross paths and finally meet!

Chris White
Virginia Chaser

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