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Monday, April 06, 2009

4/4/2009 Chase Account

J.B. Dixon, Darin and I left the Lincoln Weather Symposium around noon and were praying for a 50 dewpoint near the surface low, but couldn't ever manage better than a 43 or 45. It resulted in very high-based storms, many of which we intercepted just east of Red Cloud, Nebraska, by playing the NE part of the arc and ditched one for another, moving east, after one would move to the NW (which these storms, when moving to the NW, rarely produce tornadoes). It didn't matter anyways. The updrafts were fuzzy, not rock solid at all (like 11/27/05) and were extremely high-based. We got home at a decent hour, which was nice, after having about an hour of sleep in 28 consecutive hours.

Focus is now shifted to this Thursday for a chase in Eastern OK, SE Kansas. There's a possibility that I may be driving/navigating a lot more (than planned) for Reed's Chasing Tour company here in the upcoming weeks.

Below are a few pictures of Saturday's chase in SC/SW Nebraska.

Red Cloud Nebraska Storm


Dann Cianca said...

I still think they came out nice.

Dixon said...

Good times, Dick. Thanks for the impromptu road trip!


Anonymous said...

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