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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Kitten Pictures

I've never been a fan of cats (I'm more of a dog guy) but when Devin adopted a 5 month old kitten back in August...Humphrey was different. I adore that we decided to get him a sister. Meet Brooks!

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Tony Laubach said...

LOL I love it when dog people fall in love with a cat! You may go back when he grows into into a big ol' fuzzy pain in the butt! LOL

tornadohead said...

I used to totally be a dog person too, til I started chasing for days at a time and realized cats can fend for themselves easily and given their independent streak don't seem to get lonely. My black lab died last February (cancer) and I haven't gotten another dog yet.

Aerostorm911 said...

I just got a kitten that looks very similar to her, same colors only she has yellow eyes. Ive always been a cat person. Theyre not loud, dont require more maintanence than a girlfriend. They just chill and watch TV with you, and provide hours of entertainment with a lazer pointer or a common house fly.

Anita said...

She's adorable!
I used to be strictly a dog person, too, but the two cats that were born here in the FEMA trailer have won me over... plus, I don't have to take them out for a walk in this -16ยบ wind chill, either!

Laura Duchesne said...

I used to just like dogs too. Then in the summer of 2007, we found a small 4 week old stray kitten that needed to be badly cared for. We felt so bad for the poor thing and didn't want to take him to the humane society because they are overloaded with cats (they eventually put them down if they can't find homes) so we kept him. I just love him dearly. Our dog has made a new friend. Your new kitty is very adorable!

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