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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Rest

Here are the rest of the photos I enjoyed, from 2007, since blogger wouldn't let me upload without error yesterday. I took some last night of the "Harvest Moon" as there was a faint halo around it. I drove around trying to find a corn field to fit the theme of it, and found one with a pumpkin patch next to it. It was gorgeous and so bright out. I could have sat there for hours on end. It was difficult for me to take photos as my lenses decided they wanted to give that green ghosting you get when pointed at a light source! I don't know if I have ever been more frustrated with taking photos before, and I couldn't ever get the picture I wanted. Oh well. Pretty lucky to see a halo on the Harvest Moon, in Kansas I would think. Upload those hopefully later today.



Dewdrop said...

Cool pics, Dick. I look forward to your Harvest Moon shots. I had a halo the other morning on mine. Very cool stuff. It was brilliantly orange for me yesterday, but without any time to shoot, I just had to enjoy it in that moment.

Steve Miller TX said...

As usual, Dick, you have some really great shots..especially the nightime stuff. I guess I'm partial to that type of photography because it captures the subtleties of light effects that a barely discernable or even invisible to the naked eye. I think your pics do that well. :-)

One my other favorite non-storm photos is the dog in the water with chomping on a stick.

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