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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Top -Non-Storm Chasing Photos this Year

Figured I might as well do one for the "regular" photography as well. Pretty funny I never even touched a camera 3 years ago. Just goes to show even idiots like myself can take decent pictures, if you take the time to learn.

More to come later, when blogger stops being stupid.

Oh, and if any of these pictures look "off" or "noisy" will you leave a comment and tell me which ones, because some look totally different on my new laptop, and I'm kind of embarassed.

Funny thing that happened to me recently: I purchased a new car (new to me), and evidently the guy I bought it from must have been a drug dealer or been in major trouble with the law. I was doing nothing wrong last night, when I see a paddywagon flip the biggest U turn on Santa Fe (major road), ride my ass and follow me into the grocery store parking lot 4 miles from where he turned around (And called for backup). It was pretty funny. No tail lights out, no headlights, not speeding, nothing.

Anyone else find the ass-kissing on Stormtrack hilarious? Am I the only one that sees this stuff? What is a "respectable" chaser, and who decides who is what? Anyone up for a "gentleman's chase" this weekend? What is that? Pipes and cigars on horseback? Do I need a gun, or a bird dog?

I think it's funny how some forget to remember that they were adulterers, act as if nothing was wrong, and are full of themselves. When the whole reason this person was successful in the first place, was because someone else held their hand. LOL. Ok, back to blogging about diarrhea, my new rake and gardening tips, lol. Carry on.

Oh, and Shane Adams has his blog back, with a link on the side, as well as Jennifer "Dewdrop" from Georgia. If you don't know Shane, he'll voice his opinion no matter what it is, and doesn't give 2 shits about anyone. Good stuff. Jennifer has some good stuff too, and she updates wayyyyy more often than I ever do! That's dedication.


Steve Miller said...

Yep, I find the ass-kissing on ST quite funny. Here is a little sampling:
You really need more disgruntled readers on your blog - look at the comments on the above link...

All the pics look good to me; no blurring. My favorite is the last one with the road/trees.

Dewdrop said...

Great pics, Dick! I especially love the last one... the colors are so serene.

DM said...


Oh yes, that one is a classic. I have been monitoring it ;-).

It's quite sad that this "person" is that way, when some of their so-called "friends" pretty much just tolerate them to begin with.

I think it's funny how this person thinks everyone is okay with it! This person is also not very good at making it not appear as if they DIDN'T brown nose. I feel sorry for human beings like that. If this person only knew what the majority of people said about "them", (And I mean basically everyone lol) then this person would catch the next flight back "home," and never be heard of again! I am betting the elite forum has accepted this person, and that is why this person has been so absent, until lately! Okay, I'm done trying to avoid gender issues here, it was a pain to do so!


Thanks, I actually took that picture during the day, and used a warming (orange) filter at 100 percent, to give it that effect. I thought it was cool.

So no one is seeing any noise or off colors or anything? Because on my new laptop, it is night and day between the two. I need to get a calibrator.

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