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Monday, October 01, 2007

Newest Pics

Some from a chase yesterday...We were on 3 separate tornado-warned cells which failed to produce. The best of the day was early on, when we caught a rotating wall cloud, that was murdered by outflow from the cell to it's NW shortly after. And then the same cycle had begun........punch the core........east/north......get a good view of that storm........then it was killed too. We did this over and over till the storms started to lose their punch towards dusk. We saw the "funnel" and lowering, but it looked so ragged and disorganized, it hardly seemed worth watching. Major disappointment yesterday. Met up with Joey Ketchum and Tyler Constantini...good seeing you again Tyler, and nice meeting you Joey.

The other two are from the Harvest Moon the other night with the "halo" around it, but it's difficult to see in the one that I posted in.

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Dewdrop said...

I concur, Iowa sucks big time!

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