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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Top 10 Storm Photos of 2007 (So far)

Hopefully I'll get the chance for more........but here are my favorites in no particular order. I failed to capture a high contrast tornado, thanks to night time bullshit, the only daytime one's were 5/22 and some weak spinups on 5/5, and a brief rope and rain-wrapped wedge on 4/21/07 in Eastern CO (from 5 miles away). Hopefully I get one more shot at it in the next few weeks. South Dakota saved me last year or else I wouldn't have gotten a still in 2006 either.

What a crazy year this year has been, and my most succesful to date (And I didn't even chase until 4/21!). With welllllll over a dozen tornadoes in 2 days on 5/4 and 5/5. (And that is being conservative). Including the infamous Greensburg tornado, which we watched the entire life cycle of until we lost it. We then watched the new wedge form east of Greensburg, which we actually have video of too, after going through the footage.

Haven't checked tonight's runs, but it looks to get active later this week.


Dewdrop said...

Very awesome storm shots. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your blog, added a link.

Steve Miller said...

Good looking new format - me likey.

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